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About Zenmak

Zenmak Global is a leading animal health company whose mission is to improve the health and performance of animals, aquaculture and pets through scientific innovation.

Zenmak emphasizes on Research and Development and has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, modern built R&D units and well equipped Quality Control Laboratory. The scholarly team of Zenmak adopting Swiss technology works towards accomplishing goals targeted towards empowering the Poultry and Livestock industry and to make the customers profitable.

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"Bringing out the best in every member of your animal family."

Zenmak recognizes the reality of the fast changing world of today, the challenges it faces and believes that the only guarantee of success is to offer value through innovation coupled high quality products and services.





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Customers Review

Mr P.Pradeep

Vijaya lakshmi Medicals,

Andhra Pradesh

“We have been selling Lipolyse-L, TETRA MAK-OTC and Tylomak-H for the past 3 years, and each product stands unique for its best quality. Specifically ,TETRA MAK-OTC has stood out best in performance among our customers. We are fully satisfied with these products of Zenmak.”


Poultry Farm,


“I am using Tiamumak 10% and Ditox-3 for last two years and I am fully satisfied from both the products.”

Mr Martin

Thomson Group,


“BIO TRIPLE CARE-20 is the prime disinfectant used in our poultry farm for the past 5 years. Additionally, during summer, we use PROBETA-WS to relieve stress in the birds. Both products are of very high quality, and we are fully satisfied with Zenmak.”

Eschol Farms & Feeds,


“In Our Commercial farms, we have been using MAK MIN - ORG. We continue to receive excellent meat and good quality plumage. We are experiencing Leg weakness-free flock and a reduced percentage of culls on our farm.”

Sun Animal Feeds


“Extremely satisfied with my five years of Makzyme C AMF use. Furthermore, as this product is the ideal cocktail enzyme for chicken feed, I heartily suggest it.”

Soraj Feeds,


“I've relied on Sal-O-Mak for many years, and I'm completely content with its quality. I plan to stick with Sal-O-Mak in the future also because it's an excellent product from Zenmak.”

Vasudeva Poultry Farm,

Andhra Pradesh

“We have been using LIPOLYSE-L for around 3-4 years. No abdominal fat accumulation is noticed. I am completely satisfied with the product from Zenmak. ”

Sapdagiri Poultry,


“TYLOMAK-H : My flock have better appetites and are more active. Egg production has increased, and I haven't had any issues with disease since I started using it. Definitely worth the investment. ”

Venkatarama Poultry,


“I started using LIPOLYSE-L and TETRA MAK-OTC Feed supplemet a few months ago, and I've seen a good improvement in my birds' weight and egg production. The product speaks for its quality . Will keep using it – Highly recommended!!”

Srisai Lakshmi,

Andhra Pradesh

“LIPOLYSE-L : I've been using this fat mobilizer in my layer feed for the past two years, and the results are incredible and consistent . The egg production has not only increased, but the eggs are also larger and have stronger shells. My hens seem much healthier and more active.”

Uttara Farms,


“I have been using MAKZYME-C AMF for past 2 years. The enzymes have really helped with their digestion. I've seen a marked decrease in digestive issues and dirty eggs since started using MAKZYME-C AMF.”

Saraswathi Poultry Farm,


“The organic trace mineral, MAK MIN-ORG have definitely improved my birds' overall health and productivity. I've noticed stronger eggshells and better feather quality. Thank you for the product”

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